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Mobile Games

Mobile Games are one of our core specialties. We offer full range of development and co-development services:

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PC Games

Our team has over 11 years of experience in design, production, release and support of PC games.

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Xbox, PS, and Android based console development is part of our portfolio. Some development services that we offer are

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The VR revolution is close and we are going to be part of it. Our game Guns and Robots is already under development for VR devices.

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Our highly talented and experienced art team can provide a wide range of art services and decisions.

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Other services

For more information about our services, please contact us!

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Guns & Robots

GUNS and ROBOTS is a free-to-play online shooter in which players assemble funny looking, yet deadly robots. The game blends fun, inventive character design and deep customization features. Players are provided with exciting situations during variety of maps. The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots add a whole new perspective to the genre.



is a free-to-play, post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMORPG set many years in the aftermath of World War Three. Humans have rebuilt society with great technological advances, such as cloning, nanotechnology, and quantum engineering, essentially making themselves immortal. Strict government control over these technologies and the people have given rise to a revolution, fighting to bring back resources and power to the people.


JellyTunes: Castles

JellyTunes: Castles is 2D tower defense game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In the game, players guide their team of brave Jellies to retrieve the stolen mystical Rhythmophone from the evil Sourbots. The game provides each player fun experience through variety of cute cuddling creatures and fascinating adventure storyline.


Guns and Robots Attack

Guns and Robots Attack is free to play action game. The game is a mix between endless runner and third person shooter featuring reverse tower defense strategy in a MMO style. Guns and Robots Attack offers massive customization features with humorous visuals in a new easy to pick up and play game for mobile devices.



Awards and nominations

Game Connection 2014 Awards

Guns and Robots has been nominated in the following categories:

  • Art
  • Desktop Downloadable
  • Casual Game


Guns and Robots has been greenlit by the Steam community and released on Steam in August 2014
Over 1 000 000 players have played our games


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